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Harry Styles & Jesy Nelson
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Ready for the birthday party! Gonna eat all the ice cream.

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Anonymous wondered: Thoughts on Frankie being on strictly?

I'm really excited about the girl's lineup for Strictly so far. Cause it has Frankie, Caroline, and Pixie. I obviously think she's going to do well because her job is to sing and dance. It only worries me because there hasn't been a lot of focus on The Saturdays these days, it's been all about individual stuff. But I'm sure Frankie is going to do great and I'm really excited to watch it! 


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Finally finished painting my longboard. Hecka pumped to take her out on the town. c:

Liz has twelve 7 1/2 x 5 inch boards for painting on. So hit her up if you want her to draw you something for $10. Obviously she is extremely talented because she drew all of this on her longboard. She’s also a really sweet person, so don’t be shy to send her a message if you want something!



We recently hit our first hundred and as a way of saying thank you here’s a brand new theme. If you have any problems or questions concerning this code please message us and we’ll be glad to help.

  • Theme info on preview.
  • Don’t steal.
  • Don’t use as base.
  • Don’t edit and redistribute. 
  • Please keep credit!
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Fell free to adjust or add more layers, please don't steal or repost as your claim, like or reblog this post if you download it. Here you can find more resources and here you can request a new psd, action or more. (dl)

Anonymous wondered: Hello Emily. Do you know any working download links for photoshop?
I just reblogged a masterlist of some, sweetie. Hope that helps!


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Download links


it took a long, long time to find all this links so please, like or credit to @faithdls on twitter if you’re using or saving any of this links. enjoy!


Download photoshop

How to install photoshop

  • download the photoshop (x)
  • extract the file with WinRAR (x)
  • right click on the file with the photoshop ‘extract files’

other links fot photoshop

  • PC:

Photoshop CS3:  x
Photoshop CS4: x x
Photoshop CS5: x x x

Photoshop CS6: x x x x

  • Torrent (PC):

Photoshop CS3: x
Photoshop CS4: x
Photoshop CS5: x
Photoshop CS6: x

WinRAR download

Download kmplayer

Download Topaz Clean

Download Atube Catcher

Download QuickTime

Download youtube downloader

Download video converter


Online photo editor (no download)

Snapshot with effects (no download)


resources tumblr with psds, actions, textures and etc

celebritys gallery

screencaps gallery


+ I N  F L I G H T

What do I do when I get bored? I make gradients. There are four gradients to this pack. Please like/reblog if you download them. 

Download here


theme. 09 by litewoodsdaylighter

static preview / download

  • 245px sidebar
  • 4 custom links



well, I didn’t really mean to make this, but I was unwinding from a super long week at school by messin’ around in photoshop and this happened. anyways, I hope y’all like it alright- it’s my first one! 

  • do not steal or re-distribute as your own. 
  • credit to shayofrp for the gradient.
  • fonts used are courier new (pre-installed) and arsenale white

it can be downloaded here and here. please like or reblog if you’re using, or if you found this helpful! let me know if you need help or have any questions about it. 


PSD318 by galaxyps. Give like or reblog if you download. Click here to get this file. Hope you enjoy!


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Theme 67 // HOUSTATLANTAVEGAS // chipotleigh 
  • title
  • 200px x 120px sidebar
  • 5 links on hover
  • 400px wide posts   
  • white follow button
  • please don’t remove/move the credit 
  • any questions just ask, enjoy!
static preview download
please like or reblog if using or considering using :)
Shailene Woodley & Taylor Swift
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Anonymous wondered: Hey love! Do you know a quick way to upload a gif hunt? I'm trying to upload a "readmore" gif hunt and I don't know any other way than to upload each gif individual which takes way too much time. Thanks so much hun!
Oh, that's awful to do. If you don't want to do a readmore, you could always upload it to mediafire. But if you want to do a readmore, all you have to do is select all of the gifs in the folder and drag them to the little "upload image" icon. It'll still take a bit, but it's easier than doing them one by one.
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